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Canada to legalise cannabis by 2018

01 May, 2017

In April 2017, Canada's liberal lawmakers revealed new legislation to decriminalise and regulate recreational marijuana.

One of Justin Trudeau’s campaign promises was if he was elected as prime minister of Canada he would change legislation to legalise marijuana by 1st July 2018. 

Justin Trudeau and his liberal government have already started working on the new legislation to make the wonder plant decriminalised and regulate the use for recreational purposes sticking to the campaign promise he made. If Trudeau does stick to his word and legalise cannabis, it would make Canada the first G7 country in the world to fully legalise marijuana use. 

Trudeau has been actively campaigning to decriminalise cannabis since taking over as the leader of the Liberal Party in 2013. The Canadian prime minister will look to a government-appointed taskforce to help with the licensing of producers and the safety of the marijuana supply chain. The task force will also be responsible for ensuring marijuana is kept away from children and profits don’t end up in the hands of criminals.

Medical marijuana is already legal in Canada and Canadians that wish to grow their own cannabis would be limited to a maximum of four plants per household.

Each of Canada’s regional governments would be free to decide how the drug will be sold and what price’s to charge customers. As expected, there will be certain restrictions on the sale of cannabis such as the customers have to be at least 18 years old.

The government has its work cut out if it wants to stick to the July 2018 schedule and address concerns of how cannabis users will be affected whilst driving, workplace safety and other issues.

Economic analysts have predicted that the newly regulated industry would create around $20 billion annually for Canada including a boost in international tourism and those hopping over the border from North America where marijuana is largely illegal.

The Canadian government still enforces the current laws on marijuana being illegal until the new laws and framework come into place in 2018.

What are your thoughts on Canada’s change in marijuana laws? Do you think the UK should adopt a change in law? Leave your comments below.

Bud Girl on 16/10/2015
Canada has seen some great improvements since the Liberal party have taken over and the changes to the current draconian laws regarding marijuana need to be overhauled and reformed to reflect the change in medical and commercial usage cannabis brings.

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